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28 years old

Enjoying life

At the age of fifteen I gradually started to lose the use of my left leg, and ultimately had to have it amputated in 2008.

Lots of people imagine that fully enjoying life after that would be impossible, but it's something that I don't regret, because sometimes we only notice the important things after something difficult happens—things that we maybe didn't value before.

This insight and the experiences


of other amputees were a great help to me in actively taking charge of my life again. Today I am realizing my dreams and fulfilling wishes that I had back when I was a teenager – and I enjoy new opportunities every day.


Like many others,

  I had countless wishes and dreams when I was a little girl. Everything seemed possible and I did it all:

“I am realizing my dreams.”
Suddenly everything seems possible again: playing baseball, running, biking, hiking, skiing, riding. And best of all, I'm able to be outside in nature for all of it. Life consists of opportunities every day and I'm seizing them.

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