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23 years old

There was no way back, I could only look ahead.

I started playing golf at the age of eight. It has always been something important for me throughout my life. Even losing my leg was not enough to make me lose sight of my goal: taking part in one of the major golf tournaments in the world. I did lose a lot of strength when I lost my limb, but I am training every day, getting stronger, and this makes me happy.

“Fear less, live more”

I have never been stronger than I am now. I am much more confident in my decisions, and I am eternally grateful for that. I hope that I can inspire others like me through my experiences. Of course I also go through difficult times, but that is when all the loving gestures and words I receive help me. I want to pass some of that along.

My Foot

Triton 1C63 Low Profile
Triton feet have been created to meet the requirements of an active life.

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