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49 years old

Mobility is crucial

For me,

 mobility is one of the most critical factors, in both my personal life and my professional life. Simply put, I have to be very active for my company in order to be able to react to all of its needs. In my private life, after running around at work all week, I need to balance things out.

I generally seek that balance

 with my three children and, if I want some peace, I have the option of going out on a sailboat with friends. All of the climbing around that is necessary on a sailboat means that I have to be mobile. I have nowhere to hide in a three-person team; instead, I have to get involved with everything.

A prothesis

 you don't notice. That guarantees everything. That guarantees the kind of function that my original lower leg and foot provided. From my point of view, that is actually the best thing that could happen to me.

Carsten's Feet 1C62Triton Harmony

My Foot

Triton has been created to meet the requirements of an active life.

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