Pyramid adapter made of Titanium

2-in-1 Functional Ring

Eilastomeric ring for vertical shock absorption and torsional movement


Triton VS housing made of leightweight Aluminium

Forefoot spring system

The high-tech carbon spring offers exceptional stability and exceptional energy return while walking. With its split toe design, it smoothly adapts to any surface.

Individual adaptation

Interchangeable gel heel wedges allow the rollover characteristics to be individually adapted and the shock absorption at heel strike to be easily adjusted.

Base spring system

The segmented base spring is made of high performance polymer, a synthetic material that is also used in the aerospace industry. It creates an optimized system out of the forefoot and heel spring. Thanks to the segmentation of the base spring, the foot adapts to surfaces extremely well, offering enhanced safety and stability while walking and standing.

Heel spring system

Two high-tech carbon springs offer optimum shock absorption when stepping down. The flexible carbon fibers store movement energy and facilitate the smooth rollover of the foot while walking.
1C60 Triton 1C61 Triton Harmony

The Triton Vertical Shock foot

Download the 1C61 Triton Vertical Shock quick reference

Triton Vertical Shock broadens the excellent functionality of the 1C60 Triton carbon fibre foot by an increased vertical shock absorption and torsion capability. The innovative design of the Triton carbon fibre foot allows a wide range of activities from daily life to leisure sports. The additional functions of Triton Vertical Shock allow the user improved adaptation to uneven terrain.

Vertical and torsion forces, which occur e.g. while doing sports activities are reduced effectively. The residual limb of the user is noticeably relieved. The compact design of Triton Vertical Shock allows the application also for users with longer limb length.

Why Triton Vertical Shock?

User Guide

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Technical Guide

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Triton FAQ

Triton FAQ


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