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Leading an unhindered everyday and professional life, being active in leisure time and sports. Taking on challenges, but also just spending time with family and friends. All this stands for a good quality of life.
Quality of life involves independence and mobility –
the ability to decide on your own goals and how to reach them.
Otto Bock takes on the challenge of supporting people in many different mobility areas by creating products which continually push the limits of performance. The Triton family of products offers a selection of feet to meet these demands perfectly.
Mobility on a higher level. For a self-determined life.


The human foot

In the human foot, the flexible forefoot structure is connected to the supporting heel via the plantar fascia (aponeurosis). The interplay between the different muscles and tendons thus controls the movement of the foot. When you put weight on your heel, during roll-over or when pushing off with your toes, there is a smooth flow of force throughout your entire foot system.


Like the Trias, the Triton feet comprise three connected spring elements. A carbon forefoot spring and a two-part carbon heel spring form the load-bearing structure. The high-performance polyester base spring connects these elements to form a closed system, thus allowing a smooth rolling.


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